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Lee, N.

Dr. Noaveyar Lee serves as a diligent, committed leader in her personal and professional circles.  She has over 20 years of experience in K-12 education and mental health support.  She has been instrumental in ensuring alignment with A-G in district College and Career counseling practices, supporting the delivery of social-emotional learning, as well as creating and maintaining innovative systems of equity for all students, particularly the African American population in the district.

Through her role as the Chief Executive Officer of Speakeasy The Noaveyar Way, LLC she offered Education consulting to SBCSS (San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools) to enhance their College and Career focused professional learning, workshops, and training programs. She is a Certified Google educator who enjoys levering the use of technology in connecting with students, families and stakeholders. 

Feel free to contact her via e-mail at or phone (909) 296-1470. 



University of La Verne


University of Redlands


University of Southern California

The program is developmental and sequenced in a purposeful manner; it combines both in-person and technology-based learning. Dr. Noaveyar Lee successfully defended her dissertation entitled: NAVIGATING THE INTERSECTIONS OF LEADERSHIP: NARRATIVES OF BLACK FEMALE EDUCATORS to identify how educators of marginalized communities demonstrate agency and innovation in their roles.

The Master's in School and College Counseling program provides preparation for school service, as students learn not only counseling and consultation skills but also how to build helping relationships. Noaveyar's master thesis produced a case study on the impact of educational programs in K-12 and higher education.

This major allows students to see the myriad interconnections of politics, culture, and economics, big power structures and everyday interactions, persistent social inequalities, and the practices of intimate life. This educational journey facilitated Noaveyar's work in social service, education, leadership and a myriad of other disciplines.

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