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I see you #KingJames!!! Did you catch his show "The Shop"? I just watched it and I give him kudos for studying his craft and using his platform. Granted, he has this opportunity because of the path he has blazed with his superior talents...but he is stepping up to the plate and reinventing himself. Can I just say in I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. Man we work so hard (some of us) to build our #Wakanda, feed our families and fuel our passions we cannot afford to reach high levels of success and not reinvent ourselves. We may not be in the public eye but we should all not settle for less than living our BEST LIFE in whatever that looks like. The topics of race, success, fame and some other stuff are all discussed on this show. How are you using YOUR platform. Make it work for you!


A lady trying to use her platform

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