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Updated: Jul 11, 2018

I was born Noaveyar Daily in Los Angeles California and I still reside in Southern California...that alone gives you an image and/or ideal of what you think I would like what my beliefs may be etc. There are many groups with which I identify from gender to race & ethnicity...but at THIS MOMENT what is standing out to me is the reflection I show of Christ and "the church".


If you have been on social media you may have seen this trending topic that for some generates a sense of nostalgia and humor while for others they have some traumatic and painful memories of "the church". I would like to believe that I have been on both sides of the coin having been hurt by things that have been said and/or done by some people in the church but it is also the crux (pun intended) of a physical manifestation of my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What I would like for you to consider is that "speaking the truth in love" takes work and and is not for the faint at heart. Do I believe a Christian should beat someone up with the word of God? Absolutely not! The church has the responsibility to share God's word and with that comes an overwhelming charge to show love for people in and out of the church. I think that WE ALL have work to do to hear, accept and share the truth while making every effort to not push people away while so doing. Sometimes, as a Christian am the only Christ others will see and though I do not always get it right I do not take my assignment lightly...

I urge you to consider the way you treat others whether you identify as a believer or not...we all inhabit the same world and we need to find a way to communicate and work together.

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